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Audit Office Launches Audits for 2014 to 2016

The Auditor General, Peter Lokay, has publicly released the Office of Auditor General Report covering audits performed during 2014, 2015 and 2016 financial years and on its operations for those years. The report was presented to the Speaker of the 10th Parliament on 8 December 2016 for distribution to Members.

The Auditor General said that the pdf2016 Annual Report to Parliament(1.31 MB) summarizes the results of over 160 audits across all sectors and levels of government within Solomon Islands.

In order to promote an increase in transparency, the Auditor General said that his 2016 summative report provides the major findings on the results of financial statement audits conducted on the accounts of the national government, provincial governments, state owned enterprises and statutory authorities while protecting any commercially sensitive information in the process.

“Good quality and timely financial reporting, underpinned by strong internal controls, serves as a solid foundation for encouraging high quality service delivery to the public and it is hoped that greater public scrutiny of the management issues affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of these organisations will encourage them to accelerate their adoption of recommendations made by this Office.” the Auditor General said.

The report also summarises the results of eight (8) special audits done on the operations of the Solomon Islands High Commission to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands High Commission to Fiji, Solomon Islands Games, Mekem Strong Fisheries Project, Malaita Chazon Development Authority, Revenue Collection at the National Judiciary, Honiara City Council and Mining Sector Technical Assistance Project Phase 1. The Auditor General said that some of these reports were done in 2011 but were never reported on to Parliament.

The Auditor General said that a lot of improvements had been noticed during the reporting period for many of the ministries, some of the provincial governments and some of the agencies that had not performed so well as noted in prior reports.

Future reports will be issued in the following categories:

Solomon Islands Government audits, Provincial Government audits, State Owned Enterprises and Statutory Authorities audits, Performance and Special Audits and Annual Report of OAG.


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