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Public Accounts Committee

In addition to audits carried out by the Auditor General, he is also Secretary to the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which was established by the  National Parliament  to conduct hearings into Government Budgets before they are presented to the Parliament for debate and passage, as well as review the Auditor General’s audit reports that have been submitted to Parliament for consideration.

This is an unusual arrangement compared to other countries, but it does provide a valuable link between the Auditor General and the Public Accounts Committee.

The Office continues to work with the Committee and has been providing assistance to the Committee’s staff to better support the Parliamentary members of the Committee when they are conducting hearings.

The hearings of the Committee are very important not only for the Members of the Parliament to be better informed when debating the Committee’s reports, but also because they are broadcast nationally and are recorded in the written records of the Parliament known as Hansard.

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As a centre of excellence we enhance the strengthening of public sector accountability, transparency and integrity to the people of Solomon Islands through professional, independent audit services and reports to our elected legislatures.

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To be an independent, competent national audit office with qualified professionals to ensure accountability and transparency in the public sector for the people of Solomon Islands.

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