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The following are financial audit reports of audits carried out by the Auditor General’s Office on the Honiara City Council (HCC).


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pdf Special Investigation Audit Report on the Accounts and Records of the Honiara City Council ( pdf, 1.44 MB ) (79 downloads)
pdf HCC 2015 Independent Auditor's Report ( pdf, 5.71 MB ) (243 downloads) Popular
pdf HCC 2014 Audit Opinion ( pdf, 3.71 MB ) (216 downloads) Popular
pdf HCC 2013 Audit Opinion ( pdf, 3.55 MB ) (215 downloads) Popular
pdf HCC 2012 Audit Opinion ( pdf, 3.66 MB ) (210 downloads) Popular
pdf HCC 2011 Audit Opinion ( pdf, 3.58 MB ) (189 downloads) Popular
pdf HCC 2010 Audit Opinion and Financial Statement ( pdf, 4.23 MB ) (1374 downloads) Popular
Our Mission

As a centre of excellence we enhance the strengthening of public sector accountability, transparency and integrity to the people of Solomon Islands through professional, independent audit services and reports to our elected legislatures.

Our Vision

To be an independent, competent national audit office with qualified professionals to ensure accountability and transparency in the public sector for the people of Solomon Islands.

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