The following are words and names of acronyms that are often used by the Office of the Auditor General.

List of Acronym

ACAG Australasian Council of Auditors-General
AG Auditor General
AM Audit Manager
BC Budget Committee
CAAT Computer Assisted Audit Techniques
CC Communication Committee
CGFABCorporate Governance Financial Audit Branch
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CS Corporate Services
DAG Deputy Auditor General
DCCG Democratic Coalition for Change Government
EMT Executive Management Team
GFAB Government Financial Audit Branch
IA Internal Audit
iCAT ISSAI Compliance Assessment Tool
IDI INTOSAI Development Initiative
IGF Integrity Group Forum
INTOSAI International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions
IPAM Institute of Public Administration Management
ISSAI International Standard of Supreme Audit Institutions
MCS Manager Corporate services
MOFT Ministry of Finance and Treasury
MPS Ministry of Public Services
MTS Medium Term Strategy
NACS National Anti-Corruption Strategy
NDS National Development Strategy
NSWAO New South Wales Audit Office
OAG Office of the Auditor General
PAB Performance Audit Branch
PAC Public Accounts Committee
PASAI Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions
PGAB Provincial Government Audit Branch
PR Performance Review
PRC Peer Review Committee
PMF Performance Management Framework
SA Statutory Authorities
SAI Supreme Audit Institution
SC Social Committee
SIG Solomon Islands Government
SIICAC Solomon Islands Independent Commission Against Corruption
SOE State Owned Enterprises
TSDC Training and Staff Development Committee
WAWebsite Administrator