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The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) is an independent institution established by the  pdfSI Constitution 1978(437 KB) to support the Auditor General fulfil his mandate by providing him or her with the necessary staff and resources to do so.

The OAG is what is called a ‘ Supreme Audit Institution’ (SAI)

Most countries in the world have this institution and its purpose can broadly be described as ‘to provide accountability’ of governments.

Our Vision

To be an independent, competent national audit office with qualified professionals to ensure accountability and transparency in the public sector for the people of Solomon Islands.

Our Mission

As a centre of excellence we enhance the strengthening of public sector accountability, transparency and integrity to the people of Solomon Islands through professional, independent audit services and reports to our elected legislatures.

The Office of the Auditor-General provides audit service to the government and the people of Solomon Islands. According to the democratic system, the assemblies of elected officials become the instrument of the people and so the Office of the Auditor-General views the National Parliament, Provincial Assemblies and the Honiara City Council as key clients for submitting our work. All reports prepared by the Auditor General are tabled in the National Parliament – either directly through the Speaker or by public sector entities which are required to table in Parliament annual financial reports audited by the Auditor-General.

This Mission shall be achieved by ensuring that the results of our work make a difference to those we report on – through active monitoring of how well public officers are implementing our recommendations and by ensuring the production of comprehensive reports which are meaningful to all people from all walks of life.

Who is the Auditor General?

The Auditor General is an independent public officer appointed by the Governor General under Section 108 of the  pdfSI Constitution 1978(437 KB)

The roles of the Auditor General

The primary purpose of the Auditor General is to conduct audits on all levels of Government in Solomon Islands and produce public reports on those audits. These reports include:

Financial Audits

Performance Audits

Special Audits

Our Values

Our Goals

The long-term outcome for the OAG is for the development of a strong, effective and sustainable national public audit office which:

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